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I have been crafting this post for two months now. Each week I write it to completion and save it so I may edit it later in a different mindframe. After each editing session there is always something that makes me not post it; grammar, tone, topic, laziness there is always an excuse to not post it. I have been berating myself for this apparent lack of motivation and direction but now i have seen it has been for the best.After months of postponing this I have no more excuses. Not even todays exam can stop this, its a fire in my soul, an urge to be better than i have ever been.

I have always wanted to be a farmer. The plan has always been; graduate from school, get a job, get lots of money then invest in a collosal agricultural enterprise. but the plan has changed. I’ll start small, on that small piece of land my mother toils on to put me through university. If said piece of land has sustained our family for all these years despite  all the challenges facing smallscale farmers in our country today. Popular media has been awash with amazing stories of agripreneurs from all over the country, farming has gone mainstream! The youth is taking the challenge of food insecurity to heart. We realise that we need good food, we need to diversify our food. As our country stands, it is very easy to predict what the guy sitted next to you had for supper yesternight; ugali or some other dish containing maize. If the maize crop fails the nation goes hungry. I can assure you that this status quo is going to change. With this enthuthiasm i feel in the hearts of our young farmers, our dinner tables are about to get a long overdue overhaul.

When we were younger we were told to study hard so we do not become farmers.we the sons and daughters of farmers took this seriously, we understood the hardwork, poverty and sheer disrespect that comes with being a farmer. We watched our mothers carry huge loads of firewood and then cry from the smoke while cooking. So we swore we would get those degrees and we busted our asses for them. Am almost completing mine but i feel education has taken root in me in other ways not related to my field of specialisation and it gives me an urge to go back home and farm. I want to end the toil for the farmer. To farm like am in the 21st century.

Now i know what that hole in my soul has been. I have been looking for myself in all the wrong places. I have looked many places: bottles, female human beings, pets, books// but turns out i forgot myself on the farm so am going back to my roots. Am going to do what my ancestors did only in a futuristic manner. Now i see where my Engineering degree fits into all of this, the daydreams are coming to life.

This  blog is about my journey as an agripreneur, stay with me you never know what you may learn.


I found passion in passion fruit

I am a twenty two year old Kenyan. I grew up in a small farming village  on the slopes of Mt Kenya. Fruit is one of the major crops grown in our village, as such I have become very passionate about fruit and its capacity to change peoples   health and economic standing. I believe fruit farming has the ability to solve in part the food security crisis we have in Africa today.

Do you have any questions about fruits, where they grow, when they are in season or which markets you can find them in? Field your question and i will make it my job to scintillate your curiosity.

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